Remove Bats with Humane Bat Colony Removal in Colorado

Bat Colony InfestationInfestation is defined as a state of being invaded. If you feel the bats that are living in your home are invading, then you have a bat infestation.

Signs of a Bat Infestation

Call us right away for an inspection if you:

  • See bats exiting corners, the roof, or chimney of your house
  • Hear squeaking or rustling in the walls or ceiling of your house at dusk
  • Smell a strange odor in your home that can’t be explained
  • See droppings that look like squiggly mouse droppings in or around your house.
  • Find crystallized looking white streaks on the glass or siding of your home

Bat Infestation Dangers

A bat infestation is a difficult and potentially dangerous infestation to control. There are some serious medical implications to consider before you decide to perform your own bat control. Rabies and histoplasmosis are the primary concerns when a roost or colony of bats are living inside your home. The chances of contracting either of these two diseases increases with the exposure required to perform a bat exclusion and biohazard roost site clean out.

Loafing Bats

They may not be inside your home, but hanging around outside in covered entryways, corners that are protected from weather, or over doorways at night, but live somewhere else. Bat guano accumulates in the loafing sites and urine accumulates on the walls and windows below. Don’t put up with ugly black netting stretched across your entryway to block bat access. We have alternatives.

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